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It is about building on what you have.

Many people believe that working with a mental performance consultant is about fixing people. This is not what MPCs do. Fixing people is what clinical psychologists do for a living. If you have a mental illness or mental disease then you would rightly go see a clinical psychologist. What the MPC does is simply build upon what you already have.

The MPC is similar to the physical trainer. A physical trainer is there to get the athlete or performer physically stronger. They are not there to fix a weakness. If you have a weakness, you see a physical therapist to get you back to your baseline health. The physical trainer takes you from your baseline and builds you from there.

The MPC does the same. We build on what you already have and already use on a daily basis. Everyone talks to themselves, it is called thinking. Are your thought productive or are they destructive. The MPC helps you to build productive thoughts to enhance your performance.

We all use our imagination, the professional term is visualization. In reality it is simply using your imagination to help your performance. We all did this as kids. We were in the biggest games in the biggest arenas in our minds and made the game winning hit, basket, or touchdown. An MPC simply teaches you how to connect to that imagination and use it for your betterment. We can even teach you how to use other visual media to enhance performance, such as a players own video, video of experts or 3d video to make the experience immersive.

We all breathe. Do we use our breath to help us relax the body and the mind, or is our breathing making us more tense and less agile mentally. The MPC can teach you simple breathing techniques that when practiced can immediately bring a sense of relaxation to you in your most stressful situations.

The MPC can also teach you techniques that we don't necessarily do everyday. For example, the MPC can to teach you how to attain goals. Setting goals is fairly easy, the difficulty is in attaining those goals. We can provide you with expertise in how to set goals that are focused on improvement, not outcomes. This is counterintuitive but the way to get the outcome you want is to let go of the outcome and focus on the process.

Find a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® to work with you. CMPCs are accredited by the Association for Applied Sports Psychology. A CMPC® has to have completed the requisite master's level course work, have an advanced degree in an appropriate field, have several hundred hours of mentored applied work and pass a rigorous examination. If you would like to consult with Kaizen Mental Performance click on the email link and we will contact you shortly.

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